What is Animalhaus?

J Nichole Smith


Animalhaus Media bridges the gap between content creators and brands in the pet industry. Our primary product is a stock pet photography website, where pet artists get paid fairly for their work, and pet brands get affordable access to the best pet photography out there, royalty-free.

More than just a stock site, Animalhaus is a movement of like-minded rebels who believe that serving a purpose bigger than profit and earning a great living aren’t mutually exclusive. We believe in building brands instead of just businesses, that success is defined by personal freedom and fulfilment, and we are all better off when what we love is in alignment with the way we spend our time at work.



J Nichole Smith

Our Logo: Why a Pegasus?

The iconic white, winged, stallion Pegasus comes from Greek mythology. Pegasus the horse-god, is the deliverer of lighting, a friend to the muses, and ultimately, immortalized as a constellation in the night sky.

When we sought to find a spirit guide to be an ambassador for Animalhaus, Pegasus made himself known to us, and there was no turning back. He represents artistic inspiration, freedom, wisdom, courage and a bit of magic: All the essential virtues we hope to deliver and protect here at Animalhaus.

J Nichole Smith

Our Name: Inspired by Bauhaus

Bauhaus was a German art school founded by Walter Gropius in the early 1900’s, where crafts and the arts were combined. Bauhuas was more than a school or a community of artists, it became a powerful movement, bridging the gap between art, design and industry. Bauhaus combined art and industrial design, ensuring that despite the soulless rise of industry, art kept its rightful place in society. Bauhaus pushed ‘Form Follows Function’, experimentation and the ‘usefulness’ of art and craft.

 Animalhaus takes inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, aiming to once again combine art, design and industry in the modern age. In our digital era, photography in particular seems to have lost much of is monetary value. But, we believe that photography has immense value, and businesses still benefit greatly by investing in form along with function. Our goal is to create a space for artists to sell their work and get paid fairly, and where businesses have access to high-quality, authentic, affordable images that they can leverage to grow their brands. Win win.