Seattle, WA | APRIL 11-17, 2018


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The Animalhaus Masters series are workshops for photographers who want to shoot and sell commercial and stock pet photography. At these events you will learn the basics and pro tips to successfully shooting and selling commercial and stock photography. As well as contributions from the event organizers, each workshop will also feature a guest Master on their own turf, who will be sharing their special skills, secrets and shortcuts.

In March 2018 the Animalhaus Media stock pet photography website will launch, feauturing 10,000+ images from some of the world's best pet photographers. This series of workshops was created to help pet photographers add passive income into their business by effectively utilizing this stock site.

Workshop attendees who are interested in joining the Animalhaus stock site will be granted 'Master' level access - which will include higher commission rates on their images and other perks that help them sell more and earn more with stock and commercial photography.


Not sure if you're ready for a workshop like this? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself...

  • Do you consistently take high-quality images of pets without too much worry about camera settings?
  • Are you interested in getting better at adding people into your pet photography?
  • Do you need a bit of improvement in low-light situations (especially indoors)?
  • Are you interested in adding commercial pet photography to your business model?
  • Would you like to add passive income to your business by selling your images as stock? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions - you're probably ready to become an Animalhaus Master!

P/4 Luxe Pet Photography Retreat Materials

Was This Right for Me?

"I was not sure that I would have the same level of readiness as everyone else. Was this right for me? It was. I loved it all. I realized that I am not alone in my challenges and I am leaving feeling energized and motivated plus I now have some really awesome images."

- One of Nic's 2017 Workshop Attendees 

Your Dedication to All Participants is Extraordinary 

"Thank you Nicole, for another awesome workshop. They are addictive! Your dedication to all participants is extraordinary, and your generosity and patience is greatly appreciated. Besides being outstanding in your photography and organization, you are simply a fun person to be around. I look forward to more workshops in the future."

- One of Nicole's Workshop Attendees 


At the moment, no one else is really teaching courses on commercial and stock pet photography. 

Why? Because in commercial work we are all direct competition! It's not a hyper-local business like pet photography for pet parents, so no matter where we're located (certainly within our own countries) we're all competitors.

If you know me at all, you know I think this is bullsh*t. The INDUSTRY is WAY better off when those of us who have learned how to navigate the weird and wild world of commercial, licensing, and stock SHARE knowledge with those who are just starting out. Yes, technically by teaching loads of pet photographers how to shoot stock and commercial we are creating more competition, but we're also creating peers, colleagues, allies and friendships.

I want you to be successful. The photography industry is CHANGING so fast, and the PET industry is growing like mad - I want you to be creating the future, not cursing it and hiding from it. I want you to know how to evolve your pet photography business into a legit commercial entity to be reckoned with. If that sounds good, and you'd like part of that business to include commercial work, then you need educaton, mentorship, some hard numbers, documents and lots of practice. That's exactly what we aim to give you in the Animalhaus workshops! 

We are better together ❤

Everyone was So Kind & Easy Going

"This has been the most enjoyable, happy, and stress-free workshop that I have ever attended. Everyone was so kind and easy going! It was a wonderful atmosphere to learn and take my business to the next level. Thank you Nicole, for all of your help, thoughtfulness, and understanding toward everyone and everything! I will truly cherish the days with all of you at this retreat." 

- One of Nicole's Workshop Attendees 


The original Masters workshop series for photographers who want to shoot and sell commercial and stock pet photography.  

You will learn the basics and secrets to successfully shoot and sell commercial and stock photography, as well as special skills and secrets from a guest master on their own turf.  

  • APRIL 11: ARRIVE - Happy Hour & Dinner
  • APRIL 12: CLASSROOM (am) + SHOOTING DAY (afternoon) - Off-site Dinner 
  • APRIL 13: CLASSROOM (am) + LOW LIGHT SHOOT (afternoon) - Evening Free time
  • APRIL 14: MOCK COMMERCIAL SHOOT (all day on-locaton) - Group Dinner 
  • APRIL 15: CLASSROOM DAY (all day) - Farewell Dinner
  • APRIL 16: CLASROOM DAY (all day) - Workshop officially ends at 5pm 



  • On Location
  • Inside in low light
  • Outside in mixed light
  • With Animal Models
  • With Human Models
  • With Pet Products
  • In Public spaces
  • In a Private Home
  • In a Mock Commercial Shoot
  • With Help from Your Guides
  • Commercial vs Portrait


  • Keywording
  • High-volume Workflow
  • Reducing Noise
  • Leash removal
  • Retouching skin
  • Retouching products
  • Secret Shortcuts
  • Learn Amy's Actions


  • Shoot Planning
  • Model Management
  • Time Management
  • Team Management
  • Basic Documents & Forms
  • Booking Venues
  • Keeping Risk Low
  • Low Production Value
  • High Production Value
  • Pet Owners vs. Handlers


  • Commercial Shoot Pricing
  • Finding Commercial Clients
  • Negotiating Licenses
  • Stock: Royalty-Free
  • Stock: Rights-Managed
  • Invoicing
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Handling Payment
  • Understanding your Client
  • Privacy & Confidentiality

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At this Animalhaus Workshop, you will be guided through your five intensive days of shooting, editing, learning, networking, feasting, drinking and laughing by Animalhaus founder J.Nichole Smith (you can call her Nic), co-conspirator and event coordinator Nicole Begley and your guest Master Amelia Soper (you can call her Amy). Together they have 30+ yrs of experience to share with you and they're not holding anything back!

J.Nichole Smith

Commercial Pet Photographer & Pet Brand Expert, Author of the Million Dollar Dog Brand. Dog is Good, co-founder, hopeless horse fan, design nerd, margarita aficianado, unapologetic critic of robotic 'professional' marketing.

Your branding, commercial & stock pet photography guru.

Working with Dog 

Nicole Begley

Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer. Zoological trainer (yes, really!) rescue dog mama, #selfiedog mastermind and one of the founders of the barka series of 'out-of-this-world pet photography retreats'

Your planning, production and image quality guru.

Hair of the Dog

Guest: Amelia Soper

Self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, dubbed the 'Friendtographer' by her clients. Shennanigan instigator & expert-level documentor of authentic good times.  

Your people posing, friendly chat, low-light guru.

Soper Photography

J.Nichole Smith

This Was Exactly What I Needed...

"I had no doubt, I knew this workshop would be exactly what I needed. Even so, I got so much more than I expected. It was inspiring, impactful and fulfilling."

- One of Nic's 2017 Workshop Attendees 

What is Included?

  • 5 Days, 6 Nights at the wonderful Kimpton Alexis Hotel in Downtown Seattle
  • Delicious, plentiful meals, snacks and drinks All meals included except for your free evening on April 13th
  • 100$ Hotel Credit You'll have $100 credit to spend at the hotel (Room Service? Spa?)
  • 5 full days of Workshop Tuition plus welcome happy hour & dinner upon arrival
  • Non-Stop Access to Experts 
  • All Transportation to and from shoots & locations
  • Master-level Access to the Animalhaus Media stock pet photography site (higher commission)


  • Get a Private room
  •  Bring a partner or guest who is free to join us for meals at the hotel

+ VIP UPGRADE (only 3 available)

  • Get a Private room
  • Bring a partner or guest who is free join us for meals at the hotel
  • Bring your dog(s) As long as you have someone to care for them while we're working hard, they're welcome - Kimptons are pet-friendly!
  • Transportation to and from Seatac Airport
  • Personal Branding Photo Shoot Your own private headshot session with Guest Master Amelia Soper  
  • One Extra Hotel Night before or after the workshop
  • Private VIP Dinner on the final night with the Nic's and the other VIP's
  • 4 x 1 hr. Consultations - two with Nic, two with Nicole to be used within a year

Polaroid photos from P/4 Luxe

I've Found My Tribe

"When I signed up I wasn’t sure I was prepared enough… but this weekend blew my mind. I loved it all, even the work (hard as some of it was). Struggles are less heavy when you have a tribe that gets it. I’ve found mine."

- One of Nic's 2017 Workshop Attendees 


The Alexis (a Kimpton property)

1007 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Airport: SEA Parking: Yes 

You just get yourself to the hotel and we'll do the rest!

Luxury Accommodation 

Why offer a luxury experience during the retreat? Well, partly because I know you probably don't take enough holiday (so it's an excuse to add on a tax-deductable trip)

But the real reason is a combo of Ease & Mindset. 

This event is going to challenge and exhaust you. You may find yourself bumping up against difficult realities in your business and brain and while doing this work you deserve to be pampered. A comfy bed, someone else doing the planning and decision making, gourmet meals and tasty cocktails... we got this!

Let us worry about transportation, meals and logistics you just focus on getting to know your new friends and staying engaged in the work.

If you've never stayed in a Kimpton hotel you're in for a real treat! They're my favorite.


Seattle Public Market at Sunset

Seattle is my hometown and I am so excited to launch Animalhaus workshops there. It's an insanely pet friendly place - full of genuine humans, incredible natural scenery, great brands, tons of creativity (I mean Getty and Adobe are both based in SeaTown) and of course, the legendary Seattle Seahawks < Amy would kill me if I didn't include them ;) 

If you've never been, I highly recommend tacking on a few extra days to check out Mt.Rainier, the San Juan Islands, Snoqualmie falls, the micro breweries or wineries, or to just take in the vibe of the Pike Place Market and the waterfront.

It Was Worth the Investment

"Worth the investment? Yes. I loved the presentors, the group, the hotel, the work and all the printed and digital content we got - oh and the gift bag! I thought I was alone in many of my thoughts and fears and turns out, I’m not – we could all identify so well with each other!"

- One of Nic's 2017 Workshop Attendees 


To review, here's what's included :  

  • A luxury 6-night stay at Seattle's Alexis hotel
  • All your meals and snacks sorted
  • Five intense days of curriculum, including multiple shooting scenarios with animal and human models, and a mock commercial shoot to test your skills shooting to a specification
  • Non-stop access to Nic, Nicole and Amy to ask questions, get advice and learn their secrets
  • Modules on Commercial and Stock Shooting, Editing, Production and Sales. ALL of the basic to get the commercial side of your pet photography business off the ground
  • Priceless contracts, releases, forms and swipe files for you to use in your own pet photography business
  • Insider stock and commercial pet photography pricing insights you simply cannot get anywhere else
  • Access to 'Master' level of the Animalhaus stock site - earn higher commissions for your images
  • Access to the 'Animalhaus Artists' Private Facebook Group exclusive to stock photographer contributors

What is all of this actually worth?  

  • The value of accommodation, transport, meals + extras is over $3,000  
  • The value of individual attention from the experts is well over $6,000  
  • The value of documents, forms, releases and pricing is worth over $10,000  
  • The production costs of the shoots we'll be doing are worth over $5000

That's a combined total of over $24,000 in coaching, tangible goodies, support and expertise...  

Let's be honest, most of us don't have that kind of budget to invest in business development.  

We wanted to make this event as affordable as possible so that we could help as many of you who need this as we can, while still delivering the level of quality, access to experts and learning opportunities that is necessary to get the results you'll need to succeed as a commercial photographer...

- Scroll down to see prices, payment plans & bonuses -

Animalhaus Master 15 AVAILABLE 

Let's be honest, flying business class is 1000x better than flying coach. Sure, you're on the same plane, but it's a whole different world.

This retreat is the business class of photography events. 

Luxury means not having to worry - so we are taking care of all the details and making sure they're delightful. 

Everyone who attends will receive:

  • Luxury accommodation at the Alexis (shared room)
  • Delicious meals and snacks perfect for your specific dietary needs
  • A mind-blowing 5-day workshop experience
  • Access to the 'Master' level of the Animalhaus stock site



Animalhaus Master V.I.P 3 AVAILABLE

If you are ready to get serious about commercial photography and could benefit from one-to-one work with Nic and Nicole to get your commercial business off the ground  

Then the V.I.P. ticket might just be perfect for you:

  • Your own private room at the Alexis Hotel
  • VIP permission to bring your dog(s) and your partner
  • Photoshoot with Amy - Lifestyle headshots with the Master
  • 1 extra night at the Alexis
  • Private VIP Dinner on the final night with Nic, Nicole and VIP's
  • Transportation to and from Seatac Airport
  • Four 1-to-1 calls 2 with Nic, 2 with Nicole use anytime within a year


Payment Options

Just because this retreat is a luxury experience, does not mean it should be impossible to afford. You're welcome to split your retreat purchase into two payments to make it a bit easier on your cashflow.

* Pricing for the non-VIP option is based on shared rooms. You may upgrade to a private room for $1000.


First 3 people to sign up will also receive... sold out 

  • Luxury Transportation to & from Seatac Airport
  • Invitation to Private VIP Dinner with the Nicole's on the final night (April 16th)

Yup, I'm In!

This retreat is intimate. We keep the group small (around 18) and the experience of each individual, as well as creating an environment where everyone can learn and capture great, sellable, model-released images, are our top priorities. 

We ask all applicants to fill out a short application so we can meet these goals, for you and for the group as a whole. We will review your application and be in touch with next steps.

Questions? Email hello @ or just click the button below to apply now!