Stock Pet photography


We could not be more thrilled and excited to announce that the stock pet photography site we’ve been dreaming and scheming up for YEARS is finally happening.

Our mission for creating this resource is three-fold:

1. Create a space for pet photographers to share, sell and profit from their work – getting paid fairly for their valuable royalty-free and rights-managed images, while adopting a high-volume model that allows for a lower price per image, but a significant passive income revenue stream in their overall business.

2. To create a space for pet brands to access authentic, gorgeous imagery for their brand-building and marketing efforts, at an affordable price.

3. Continue to drive positive change in the pet industry and marketing world, educating both content creators and content buyers, helping them connect, and helping them future-proof their businesses while continuing to get both profit and joy from the work they do.

The brand that is built around these three central tenants, is called Animalhaus Media. It is the latest project in my life’s work to help entrepreneurs find freedom and fulfilment by building brands instead of just businesses.

This authentic and affordable stock pet photography site launched in March 2018.