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What is the difference between a business and a brand? Well the short answer is: having a ‘Sustainable Competitive Advantage’ and knowing how to use it. Building a brand makes you harder to compete with over a longer period of time, allows you to charge more, build a community around your products and services and possibly *gasp* even enjoy marketing!

When it comes to marketing, your success totally relies on your ability to connect emotionally with your customers. You’ve got to make them FEEL something if you want them to BUY something!

Do you know the most effective marketing tool out there to instantly connect emotionally with someone? On your website, on social media, at an event, in print or on the shelf on your packaging or signage…  Spoiler: It’s imagery. Well, to be fair, it’s GREAT imagery.

Animalhaus exists to give you access to the most authentic, emotive, relevant photography your pet brand could ever want… all at royalty-free prices (way more affordable than other stock sites where you have to pay $250 for anything useful).

Plus a few more goodies to help you build your brand…

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